Wednesday, August 26, 2009

32 Days

32 Days and Counting...until I marry the love of my life! I have been really enjoying the wedding planning and I am so grateful for blogs like Snippet & Ink, A Practical Wedding & A $10,000 Wedding, to name my favorites. These blogs helped me realize that my dream wedding was not a fancy, formal affair with an entourage of bridesmaids and a to-die-for wedding cake and a checklist a mile long...and most importantly, that not wanting these things was OKAY. I was able to realize that my dream wedding was possible and it was going to be possible by making sure that it was planned around what was most important...that Josh & I love each other and that we love Reese and we are celebrating the start of a new life for our little family. That the wedding is just a day, but realizing that it is more than that, too. It is the start of something bigger than we are and that it is cause for celebration and a chance to celebrate with people that care about me & my family, Josh & his family. I feel very strongly about having people there that love me, know what I have been through & have supported my family.
I have sent the following description to our wedding party, my girlfriends who helped with Wedding Craft Day, my florist, my bakers & candlestick makers...ok, I don't have candlestick makers, but you get the idea.
"Pewter & Marigold {09.27.09} : We have a vision for this wedding that I want to share with you. This vision is what we have based every decision for our special day on and so I feel that it is important to share with you, my lovely ladies. We want to have Good Friends & Family, Good Food & Drinks and Good Music. Most of all, I want people to feel that they are there because we care about them and we are thankful that they are there to share in the celebration of our marriage! This will definitely be a Do-It-Yourself, whimsical, and classy wedding."
Still have a ton to do and I can't wait!